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Mold Making

For plastics, casting, and forming.

/ˈmohldˈmākiNG/ verb  1.  The process used to duplicate three dimensional objects.  The duplicated parts are made by forming to the shape of the mold by various processes such as casting, thermo-forming, rotational molding etc.  The same mold can be used to make multiples of the original Master parts.


Our molds are made using CNC routing and milling, as well as traditional, hand-crafting methods.  The molds can be made from casting materials such as silicone or hard resins, to Aluminum and fiberglass.

  • Specialties include Vacuum forming molds, rotational molds (rotomolds), and small part molds.
  • ISF can provide small run, hand-layed fiberglass molds and parts.

ISF can build from your CAD files (3D or 2D), PDF, and even sketches.  If your design isn’t finalized we can help finish to aid in the manufacturing process.

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